Harry Styles’ May Be Planning a New Tat of Cher Lloyd’s Face (But His Mom Probably Won’t Approve)

Harry Styles’ May Be Planning a New Tat of Cher Lloyd’s Face (But His Mom Probably Won’t Approve)
By | On August 28, 2013

There may be some new ink in Harry Styles’ future, as the One Direction band member (jokingly) hinted at tattoo plans involving Cher Lloyd in a recent interview. During the YouTube channel You Generation’s monthly One Direction show, the pop stars discussed their new movie This is Us, revealed what super powers they would most want to have, and fielded some questions from 1D fans both famous and not. Among the featured fans was our very own Cher Lloyd, who asked the boys about their upcoming tattoo plans: “My question to you would be, I have noticed some of you have got tattoos. Are you planning on getting any more and what do you think you’ll have done?” Harry’s knee-jerk response: “I’m gonna get Cher Lloyd’s face on my leg.” We’re pretty sure Harry was kidding about getting a portrait of Cher Lloyd on his thigh, but with these guys, you never know!

Harry’s Mom Not a Fan of His Ink

There’s no doubt that Harry Styles will be adding more tattoos to his collection, but the inked-up pop star may be more selective in the future, thanks to his mom’s disapproval and some tattoo regrets of his own. “I’ve got a few that are really badly done, like this Pink Floyd one,” Harry admitted in a recent interview with The Sun. He also noted: “My mum doesn’t notice new ones unless they’re on my hands. She was like, ‘Oh, what are you doing them on your hands for? What is it going to look like when you get married? No more on your hands please.’” Apparently, Mrs. Styles is a little more understanding when Harry gets a tattoo dedicated to her though, as the singer notes: “If I ever get one that’s for her, she’s like, ‘I quite like that one.’” We’re wondering what Cher Lloyd would think if Harry got a tattoo dedicated to her!

Harry Styles has 43 Tattoos and Counting

With 40+ tattoos to his name, Harry admits, “I know I’m going to start running out of body space; I’ll have to start on the inside. Perhaps I should have got a notepad first.” Perhaps Harry should give a second thought to new tattoos in the future instead of acting on a whim. “I just woke up and found a large butterfly on me,” Harry tweeted on August 22. “When did that happen?” Unfortunately, Harry Styles’ tattoo of the large butterfly on his abdomen “happened” back in January 2013, although it took a while for the pop star to own up to the ink. And we don’t blame him! Ever since adding the gigantic butterfly tattoo to his body, Harry has been the butt of jokes relating to everything from his sexual orientation to his poor tattoo taste. We’re thinking Harry should bounce future tattoo plans off his mom first…

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