Justin Bieber’s Hebrew Tattoo on His Left Ribcage

Justin Bieber’s Hebrew Tattoo on His Left Ribcage
By | On August 31, 2011

It’s hard to picture Justin Bieber with a tattoo, although the star actually has three to date. Continuing to share his dad’s affinity for body art, Bieber recently got a tattoo on his left ribcage. Beiber’s new tattoo is written vertically just below the star’s left armpit and reads “Yeshua,” which means “Jesus” in Hebrew. Justin Bieber and his dad got the matching Hebrew tattoos during Bieber’s “My World” tour in Israel this past April. Although Bieber’s tattoo matches his dad’s, the inspiration may have actually come from his mother, who was primarily responsible for raising Bieber after his parents’ divorce. Bieber’s mom is said to be very religious and is clearly a very important person in the star’s life. Bieber is a devout Christian, but his manager Scooter Braun is Jewish. According to a friend, Bieber says prayers in English and Hebrew before going on stage to perform; the “Shema Yisrael” brings him luck.

Story Behind Justin’s Hebrew Tattoo

Although the star’s trip to Israel was clearly the motive behind Justin Bieber’s new tattoo, it seems his visit to the Holy Land wasn’t as enjoyable as he had hoped. Bieber claims his experience in Israel was ruined by persistent paparazzi who followed the pop star everywhere he went. They were probably desperately trying to catch a glimpse of Bieber’s new tattoo!

Pictures of Justin Bieber’s Tattoo

The secretive Bieber didn’t say a word about his new tattoo though, which remained a mystery until the paparazzi finally caught up with the star in Hawaii. Justin Bieber Hebrew TattooSome of the first pictures of Bieber’s tattoo were taken while on vacation in Maui with girlfriend Selena Gomez, shortly after the tattoo was inked. Justin Biebers bird tattoo on his hip was one thing, but a very visible tattoo on his ribcage?  The new Bieber tat has left fans wondering if the teen star is rebelling against his innocent image. Since Bieber’s dad is clearly a fan of tattoos, Bieber may be headed down the same rock-and-roll road.

Is Bieber’s New Tattoo Blasphemy?

Although tattoos have become more and more respectable in recent years, body art still holds a certain stigma, especially for religious individuals. According to Leviticus 19:28, “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you.” Many rabbis are also opposed to tattoos, mainly because of the forced tattooing imposed on Jews by the Nazis. In Islam, tattooing is considered “haram,” legally forbidden under Islamic law. By these standards, some have gone so far as to call Bieber’s ribcage tattoo blasphemy. That seems a little harsh though, Bieber was probably just trying to represent his religious beliefs by getting the Jesus tattoo.

The Hebrew Tattoo and Justin’s Dad

justin bieber tattoosJustin Bieber’s new tattoo must have been pretty painful, since it is located on the star’s ribcage and is significantly larger than the bird tattoo on his hip. Pictures of Justin Bieber tattoos actually show the star getting the Hebrew tattoo, with his dad by his side holding his hand. From the look on the 17-year-old’s face, we’re hoping Bieber’s tattoo means a lot to him. Since Bieber’s dad Jeremy actually got a matching Hebrew tat at the same time, we’re assuming he approves of the teen’s decision to get another tattoo.

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  1. gravatar Ruksana Reply
    June 5th, 2012

    I love u JB your awesome,cool,smart,nice,kind,awesome at sinigng,and your hot,cute,Talented,and alot of other amazing things cause ya know your amazing.I love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooVery very very very very much i really want u to come to florida please i have adream every night about metting u then in the morning i cant get over it.I am insanly in love with u my whole wall is filled with posters of u i love u.I will always be your number 1 fan starting from when you first got noteced till u die i love u so very much.Please come to florida please i am crying cause i want to see u so bad and even as i write this please please come to florida i love u please please i beg of u please i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much i love u i can never and will never ever get over u please come to florida please please!I am your biggest fan and i mean your biggest i would do anything for u anything please come to florida soon in this year of 2012 please come to florida it would mean the world to me.Please come please i will cry the rest of my life if i dont meet u soon please come to florida for a concert please.I LOVE U PLEASE COME TO FLORIDA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.And also please write back but from u Justin i love u please come to florida i hope my laptop im typing on wont short out cause of my tears please come to florida please.Im your biggest fan i talk about you every day non stop about how smart,hot,cool,awesome,amazing,nice,kind talented you are and many more.Please respond and please come to florida it is my dream for u to come to florida and meet u in person face to face.I love u please come.Please respond.I love u YOUR BIGGEST FAN, ASHLEIGH,ASHLEY I LOVE U

    • gravatar lacey Reply
      July 7th, 2012

      this……this is sad

    • gravatar Casey Reply
      February 27th, 2013

      Its is blasphemous you idiots he’s christian with a hebrew tattoo! Apparently you forgot the Jews cruxified Jesus! now he says hebrew prayers? clearly the kid is confused and going through an identity crisis! This dude is a friggin joke and it makes a mockery of the true art of tattooing! He obviously is getting tattoos causes he thinks its fashionable like him wearing 2 wrist watches! LOL. It almost makes me ashamed to have tattoos myself however mine have actual substance and uniqueness not the cliche jesus piece tattoos! I almost feel sorry for this kid.

      • gravatar Roman Reply
        March 10th, 2013

        “Jews cruxified Jesus”? Bro you ever heard of google? There is no reason for you to have an education of a 12th century peasant.

      • gravatar idk why i am posting Reply
        March 21st, 2013

        You do know Jesus was a Jew right… you my friend are just a hater and an ignorant go read a book please you are what is wrong with America..

        btw JB tattoos are GAY/STUPID

        • gravatar dak Reply
          February 24th, 2016

          jews dont believe in jesus, and jesus didnt speak hebrew, he spoke aramaic so why get the tat?

      • gravatar Krista diane Reply
        August 21st, 2016

        Jesus was Jewish…he also had thousands of followers who were also Jewish. It was the leaders who wanted him killed. Also Jewish but it’s ignorant to say Jews killed Jesus when they were also his followers.

      • gravatar Brandon Costa Reply
        April 8th, 2018

        Are you serious Jesus was a Jew, please educate yourself immediately

  2. gravatar destiny Reply
    June 27th, 2012

    I love Justin’s tattoos! I mean I really like a religious pop star! I mean who doesn’t right? He really went creative with his ink. I myself have no tattoos yet because of my age. But justin has inspired me to want one when I get older! Thanks jb! Your the best!!!!(of course you already knew that lol)

  3. gravatar destiny h Reply
    July 3rd, 2012

    justin why do you got all them tattoos now when you stared dating Selena you change alot i love you like love love you justin i had all of your posters thats how much i love you justin you are kool some people say you are gay but i say HIS NOT GAY!!!!!!!! IF HE WAS HE WOULD NOT BE DATING SELEENA PLUS I DON’T LIKE HER I USE TOO JUSTIN I GOT ALL OF YOUR GAME AND JUSTIN I LOVE YOU LOVE LOVE YOU PS

  4. gravatar daphne Reply
    July 25th, 2012

    hey Justin Bieber did u like all your tattoos and do u i should get one
    from daphne

  5. gravatar Alice Reply
    August 14th, 2012

    when i turn 13 im ganna get that tattoo in the exact same place

  6. gravatar patricia micole z.marquez Reply
    August 17th, 2012

    beautiful tatto…..<3 I LOV IT LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER


  7. gravatar Olivia Reply
    September 30th, 2012

    Dear Justin,

    Thank you for visiting Phoenix today, as you are so incredible! Your tattoos on the other hand are kind of fugly. As a 20 year old woman, I do not dig that. I think you’re talented even though you need to grow a bit taller. These young tater tots need to stop being so obsessive.


    Ruksana/Ashleigh/Ashley (MAKE UP YOUR MIND):
    *a lot
    *a dream

    Destiny H:
    *a lot

    Get a better education, girlfriend. Your school is failing you.

    *going to

    patricia micole z.marquez:

  8. gravatar yolo Reply
    October 17th, 2012

    Ohh my gosh! Olivia you are so rude not even larry the cable guy would date you! And you are one of the biggest suck ups ever, i can spell just as good as you and i’m 13, also if people want to talk about how much they like Justin Bieber, they can this page is about him so you are just getting your panties in a knot- chill out! YOU OLD HAG
    (Hey does this upset you: tatoo, alot)

    Hey i do what i want!

    • gravatar Lauren Reply
      February 3rd, 2013

      I’m 21. Do you think I’m an, “OLD HAG”? Oh, and I happen to despise JB. He’s XXY.

  9. gravatar Alex Reply
    October 24th, 2012

    I’m italian 🙂
    And this tattoo is quite good 🙂
    And… Justin is really good ! I love u Justin !!!!!!!!!! <3

  10. gravatar Clarissa Reply
    January 5th, 2013

    Dear Justin,
    Okay so I am getting the same tattoo well all of your tats i love your music i love you so much you are amazing i wish i was old enough to date you im only i am only 4 years younger than you so………. i know every word to every song of yours so i love you you should have a concert near ky. or like somewhere around there so i love you and everything
    love, Clarissa

  11. gravatar Chris Reply
    January 9th, 2013

    Why a Jewish tattoo if he is Christian? Oh I know, because he though the characters looked cool. :/

    • gravatar Roman Reply
      March 10th, 2013

      You ask an excellent question. That’s a start. You should follow with what is Christianity and where did it come from and what it’s relation to Judaism. I know this is overwhelming for the brain of a 12 year old, but there is no hurry, you have access to the Internet and you can use it to discover and learn why the world is what it is.

  12. gravatar Lauren Reply
    February 3rd, 2013

    Justin Beiber– I’m Jewish but I don’t practice Judaism. You will probably lose a few fans over a dumb tattoo that you decided to ink into your skin, which oddly enough, the Old Testament is against. Who are you trying to please, here?

    P.S.- Do you even have facial hair, because you look like a woman in drag. Oh and I know you’ll never read this, so I’m not sure why I’m addressing it to you.
    P.S.S.- Junior high schoolers (and sadly some high schoolers), GROW UP. To each is own. If someone doesn’t like something you like, that’s life. It’s great that you love someone so much, but not everyone agrees, so don’t take offense! Being that I just had my 21st birthday (wow I’m SO ancient, right?) you realize that you shouldn’t take things so personally.

  13. gravatar Auveen Reply
    March 3rd, 2013

    hey i jst looked up wat jesus / yeshua means in hebrew and this is wat i gt “תשווע” i dunno i might be wrong bt its ok i only looked it up cos i want ta gt the same tatt and was lookin ta print it out for the artist and dats wat i gt

  14. gravatar Racheal Reply
    March 26th, 2013

    Really people that tattoo DOES NOT mean Jesus… I know because I am a Jew and we don’t beloved in Jesus and there is not mention of Jesus in the Torah… It is unknown for sure what it means because there are now vowels but my dad is a Rabbi and he said it is is G-ds name… It is insulting that a goy such a him would put a such a word on him and right below his arm pit that adds insult to injury…

  15. gravatar Miriam Reply
    April 15th, 2013

    Alright, a few things.
    Firstly, the rabbis do not prohibit tattoos because of the Nazi tattoos during the Holocaust. The prohibition against tattoos comes from the Torah and predated the Holocaust by a long, long, long time.
    The tattoo in question does not say God’s name. The ‘Old Testament’ never used Jesus’ name and if the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew there are no longer any extant copies. Therefore there is no certain spelling of Jesus in Hebrew. What Bieber has tattooed on his side is the commonly accepted Hebrew version of Jesus. It’s pronounced “Yeshuah” in Hebrew and is probably a corruption of “Yehoshuah” (Joshua when anglicized).
    Personally, as an Orthodox Jew any tattoo that uses Hebrew letters makes me feel kind of uncomfortable, since Hebrew is a holy language and the Torah is pretty clear on the issue of tattoos. Regardless, people can do whatever they want with their bodies, and he could be tattooing far worse things on himself.

  16. gravatar Matilda Reply
    June 5th, 2013

    People will just use any excuse to be butthurt over something, won’t they?

    Christians aren’t bound to the Levitical Laws, only Jewish people.

    Jesus spoke Hebrew & His name was probably written in Hebrew at some point so why all the fuss?

  17. gravatar Lilly Reply
    June 10th, 2015

    Is he a Chrsitina: that’s a new thing!

    • gravatar HIII Reply
      December 16th, 2015

      Christians are bound under the law of Leviticus and everything else in the bible. The Old T is talking about the coming of Messiah and the New T is about when he came to earth. Just because the jews believe in the Old doesn’t mean the Christians aren’t. If Christians weren’t bound under the laws of the Old T then what about the 10 commandments? Aren’t we bound under that law? Yes, we are, therefore we are bound under every law that is in the Old and the New T. We are bound under any word of God.

  18. gravatar Ro Reply
    December 29th, 2015

    Arent you people aware that Jesus means savior. So for anyone to say his name was probably written that way is beyond ignorant. Im a jew too and who cares if he gets this tattoo on him. It means something to him apparently whether its wrong or right.. Oh and for my fellow jews that say its hypocritical and blasphomy, thats not logical. If he was a Jew yea.. But hes not. Everyone needs to stop being so critical. You have no right to judge how someone else practices their religion unless your practicing yours perfectly.

  19. gravatar MISS NIKITA Reply
    July 13th, 2017

    Personally anyone that is praying n worshiping to their GOD wether u practice Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim or Jewish. Your all praying to the same man! Devil in disguise NOT GOD! This one leader has fooled u all along with goverment the Vatican PROBABTION IS NEARLY OVER OPEN UR EYES PLEASE !!! 23/09/2017

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