UK Tattoo Artist Says Justin Bieber “Ripped Him Off”

UK Tattoo Artist Says Justin Bieber “Ripped Him Off”
By | On August 4, 2014

Justin Bieber has had his fair share of bad publicity recently, but it seems even the artists responsible for the pop star’s tattoos have nothing but bad things to say about him. According to UK-based tattoo artist Guy Sahar, the Biebs pulled a fast one on him back in 2013, when he skipped out on the bill for one of his many tattoos. “He is worse than we thought he was going to be,” said Sahar in a recent interview with Irish Independent. “He ripped me off. I definitely won’t deal with him again, that’s for sure.” If Justin Bieber keeps ticking off his tattoo artists, he may have to give up on his obsession or learn how to use a tattoo gun on himself!

Irish Independent caught up with tattoo artists Guy Sahar and Ami James for the opening of the Love Hate Social Club tattoo shop in County Cork, Ireland, and Sahar was asked about his so-called “run-in” with Justin Bieber back in 2013. According to the tattoo artist, he did a tattoo for the Biebs that was worth about $1,600, but the singer only paid half of the bill, and still hasn’t managed to cough up the rest, despite his millions. Not only did Bieber fail to foot the bill, but he was also accused of treating Sahar “disgracefully,” putting him on standby beginning at 7pm before finally summoning him to the hotel at 6am to do the tattoo.

Justin Bieber's Koi Fish Arm Tattoo

The tattoo session in question took place during Bieber’s 2013 trip to London, when he had the “X” Christ tattoo inked on the outside of his left arm. The singer was staying at the Langham Hotel in Marylebone at the time, and reportedly called up Love Hate Social Club in Notting Hill asking for a tattoo artist to be on-call for him all night long. According to Sahar, who manages the tattoo joint and is the one who actually inked Justin Bieber’s tattoo, when the pop star finally did get inked, he threw a hissy fit about the cost. Sahar accepted half of the payment just so he could leave, but hasn’t forgotten what he’s still owed by the 20-year-old.

Justin Bieber has gone from teen icon to train wreck in a matter of a few years, and claims like these definitely don’t help his reputation. And if the Biebs really plans on quitting the music biz and opening a tattoo shop with his father one day, we certainly hope he learns to treat his clients a little better!

3 Responses to: UK Tattoo Artist Says Justin Bieber “Ripped Him Off”

  1. gravatar Ted Reply
    March 8th, 2015

    Sahar tried to charge $1600 for the “X”? He was trying to rip off Justin! He was lucky to get paid anything at all!

  2. gravatar eric Reply
    April 27th, 2015

    YO, this website is atrocious! I dont condone ripping ANYbody off especially tattoo artists but c’mon do some critical thinking! $1600 for that bullshit tat?!?! FOH! The article even said he paid HALF of what he owed. $800 is like TEN TIMES what i could have get that ‘X’ for from a local shop. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he has to pay inflation wtf.

  3. gravatar Xxx Reply
    June 3rd, 2017

    The tattoo artist was kept “on call” from nearly 12 hours from 7pm the prior night! Time is money! This artist had the right to be paid to be on standby, for the silly antics of a young singer, goodness sake! You got to PAY to play.

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