Miley Cyrus’ “Rolling $tone” Tattoos on Her Feet

Miley Cyrus’ “Rolling $tone” Tattoos on Her Feet
By | On September 24, 2013

While everyone was busy being in an uproar about Miley Cyrus allegedly getting a Rolling Stones tattoo of the band’s iconic tongue and lips logo inked near her private parts, the inked-up pop star quietly debuted the tat she actually got – the words “ROLLING $TONE” inked in black capital letters on the bottom of her feet with a dollar sign in place of the letter S. Err..really Miley? Is it just us, or would you all have preferred the rumored tat to the real one?

All this ruckus about Miley Cyrus’ tattoo started when Amazon Ashley (what kind of name is that, btw??) revealed that she and Miley had visited Kat Von D’s High Voltage tattoo shop in Los Angeles on August 29, 2013. As Miss Ashley reported to Life & Style Weekly, “[Miley] got a Rolling Stones tattoo. It’s really awesome so she showed me.” What really got some feathers ruffled though, is when Amazon Ashley added, “You can’t see where it is, I’ll keep you guys guessing!”

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust anyone with the name Amazon Ashley. And for good reason! She led us all to believe that Miley Cyrus’ tattoo was inked in some risqué location, when it was actually just inked on the bottoms of her feet. Apparently, the 20-year-old wanted to celebrate her first Rolling Stone cover story, and, while she initially “thought about going to play laser tag,” she quickly realized that “laser tag sucks.” So naturally, she opted for a new tattoo.

miley-cyrus-getting-rolling-stones-tattooContrary to popular belief, Miley’s foot tattoos were not inked by Kat Von D, they were done by a “bald guy named Mojo.” And get this, not only was Rolling Stone contributing editor Josh Eells with Miley Cyrus when she got her foot tattoos, the interview was actually conducted while she was getting inked! Getting a tat on the bottom of your feet has to hurt like hell, but take a look at the pic of the tattoo artist doing his thing and you’ll see Miley Cyrus is cool, composed, and possibly even sleeping. That’s bad-ass!

Once Miley’s cover story hit the Internet, the singer was more than happy to show off her “Rolling Stone” tat on Instagram on September 24, along with the caption “rattatattat @RollingStone.” Much like Demi Lovato’s tattoo reading “Let Go & Let God” on the tops of her feet, Miley’s simple tat features the word “ROLLING” on the bottom of her right foot and the word “$TONE” inked on the bottom of her left. If there’s anything we’ve learned about Miley with this foot tattoo, it’s 1. that she loves causing a media frenzy for no reason, 2. she is addicted to tattoos, and 3. she is definitely not ticklish on the bottoms of her feet.

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