Liam Hemsworth’s New GF Sports Same Heart Finger Tat as Miley Cyrus…Awkward!

Liam Hemsworth’s New GF Sports Same Heart Finger Tat as Miley Cyrus…Awkward!
By | On October 26, 2013

Blonde beauty Eiza Gonzalez graced the November cover of GQ magazine, and we couldn’t help but notice that Liam Hemsworth’s latest love interest has the exact same heart tattoo as his ex-fiancée Miley Cyrus. How awkward! Eiza’s tattoo is inked on the outside of her left-hand pinky finger, while Miley’s heart tattoo is inked on the right, but both tats are otherwise identical – featuring a small black heart outline in the same spot on the bottom section of the ladies’ pinky fingers. While some people have slammed Liam for getting involved with Eiza, who allegedly struggled with a serious eating disorder recently, one of the actor’s friends revealed to the press that Liam likes Eiza because she reminds him of how Miley used to be. And apparently because they share a similar taste in tattoos.

Although Miley Cyrus’ tattoo on her finger is not exactly one-of-a-kind, it’s interesting that her and Eiza would have the same tat in almost the same exact spot. This begs the question: is Eiza trying to be like Miley? Truth be told, Eiza probably isn’t a big fan of Miley Cyrus, judging by some recent social media digs aimed at the pop star. But get this: Eiza’s first big role in Mexican telenovela was as a girl named Lola, who has to hide her true identity so she can follow her dreams of becoming a pop star. Um…you mean the exact same plot line for Hannah Montana? Eiza also flaunted her singing skills on Suena Conmigo, a show produced by Nickelodeon Latin America, in which she plays a reality TV contestant who has a rock star alter ego named Roxy Pop. This is getting weird, right??

miley and eiza heart tattoosWhile Liam is probably still a little bruised from his tumultuous relationship with Miley Cyrus, which abruptly ended not too long ago, Eiza doesn’t seem to be a big fan of her new beau’s ex. Just before relocating from Mexico to Los Angeles less than two months ago, Eiza joined the rest of the world in taking a jab at Miley’s controversial VMA performance, tweeting: “Miley Cyrus style….Jajajaja.” Ouch! Before Miley and Liam officially called it quits, the Mexican singer and actress also tweeted this cryptic message that was just dripping with sarcasm: “It must be very difficult to accept the fact that the person you’re interested in is in love with someone else #oops #goodluck! #whengoodisgood!” Woah, take it easy Eiza. We’re not sure how we feel about this girl, but we like her finger tattoo!

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