Miley Cyrus’ Love Never Dies Tattoo

Miley Cyrus’ Love Never Dies Tattoo
By | On February 21, 2012

I bet you’re wondering what Miley Cyrus’ arm tattoo means! In February 2012, the former Disney star got “love never dies” inked on the inside of her left bicep, which you can see if you sneak a peak at pictures of the singer’s tattoos. Yep, that’s her, muscles and all, although you may not recognize her with all her hair chopped off! You guessed it, Miley Cyrus’ arm tattoo is yet another proclamation of love, but to whom?

In keeping with her favorite tattoo theme, Miley Cyrus got a tattoo representing – what else – love! Miley Cyrus’ arm tattoo is inked on the inside of her left bicep and reads in small print, “love never dies.” The singer’s first tattoo of 2012 was inked on February 18th by an artist at Studio City Tattoo in California, where the teen star showed up with a few friends, including long-time beau, Liam Hemsworth. In addition to her bicep tat, Miley Cyrus also made headlines around the same time for chopping off her signature locks in favor of a shaggy bob. With her new ‘do and arm tattoo, Miley Cyrus, now more than ever, seems to be attempting to shed her good-girl image. If that’s your game Miley, getting your bicep tattoo photographed alongside this muscly dude covered in tats sure doesn’t hurt the cause.

Miley Cyrus Bicep Tattoo Meaning

Curious about the meaning behind the tat on Miley’s arm? The pop star’s bicep ink may be in response to the possibility of her parents ending their 17-year marriage, although some speculate that the tat could be a symbol of her relationship with Hemsworth, the Australian actor she has been dating since 2009, and is now engaged to. Although Miley was the only one of her crew to get a tat at Studio City, Hemsworth was right by her side throughout the ordeal, and it’s not a long shot to guess that he could be the inspiration behind several of Miley Cyrus’ tattoos. Even though Hemsworth hasn’t technically proclaimed his feelings for Miley with a love tat, he did get some ink that matches her Roosevelt quote tat. Now that’s love!

Miley Cyrus’ Other Love Tattoos

miley cyrus love never dies tattooLove is not something that Miley Cyrus is afraid to show the world – and in the most permanent way possible. With the pop star’s bicep tattoo, Miley adds to her rapidly growing collection of ink, many of which express the love she has for her family and friends. In addition to her arm tattoo, Miley has several other tats that stand for love of all kinds. Other love tattoos Miley Cyrus has include the word “love” written inside her right ear, a heart tat on her right pinky finger, a dreamcatcher tattoo representing her siblings on her ribcage, and an equal sign on her right ring finger that was inked on honor of gay marriage.

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