Rihanna Considered Getting a BIG Guitar Tat Back in the Day

Rihanna Considered Getting a BIG Guitar Tat Back in the Day
By | On March 26, 2013

Pop star Rihanna is all over the web these days, and much of the global interest in the singer has to do with her impressive collection of tattoos. Rihanna currently has more than a dozen tattoos, but there’s one that few people know about, and that’s because she only got the tat stenciled on her arm and never went through with the real thing. Back in October 2007, RiRi was spotted leaving a New York City tattoo parlor during a short break in her Good Girl Gone Bad tour circuit, and, although she kept the potential new addition to her ink under wraps that night, she wasn’t so careful the next day. During an outing with her adorable little puppy the day after she visited the tattoo shop, Rihanna showed off some ink on her left arm that resembled the beginnings of a guitar tattoo.

RiRi Changed Her Mind About Arm Tattoo

According to pictures from 2007, Rihanna’s “almost” guitar tattoo was going to be inked on the inside of her left forearm, which would have made it Rihanna’s first arm tattoo ever. If she had gone through with it, the tat definitely would have stood out against many of her other tattoos because of its size and location. To date, RiRi still doesn’t have any tattoos on her arms, although she’s got ink on her hand and scattered across much of the rest of her body. Back in 2007, Rihanna was still finding her place in the music industry, and a large guitar tattoo on her arm would have been the perfect representation of a Good Girl Gone Bad. If she gave the guitar tattoo the ax, she must have had a good reason. (Please note: Rihanna also claims that she tried to get a tattoo on her face back in December 2012, but the tattoo artist refused. Thank God for small favors.)

Rihanna and Large Tattoos

Rihanna Almost Got a Huge Guitar Tattoo

The only reason we can think of that RiRi may have shied away from the guitar tattoo is because of its prominent size and location. The arm tattoo would have been a pretty ample piece at a time when Rihanna favored small, discreet tats like the star inside her ear and the “love” and “shh…” tattoos the pop star has inked on the inside of her fingers. Rihanna may have been intimated by such a big tattoo back in 2007, but she’s added to her tattoo collection in leaps and bounds recently, and the ink is getting larger and larger as she becomes more comfortable with more extensive ink (think giant Goddess Isis tattoo on her chest.) If Rihanna passed on the guitar ink back in the day because of its size, there’s a chance the arm tattoo could be back on the table!

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