Sofia Richie Gets “L” Ankle Tattoo for Music Legend Father

Sofia Richie Gets “L” Ankle Tattoo for Music Legend Father
By | On January 8, 2017

Sofia Richie, daughter to music icon Lionel Richie, stopped by JonBoy’s NYC-based tattoo shop in the New Year to get some of her existing ink touched up, but that’s not all she had done; the model also got a new tattoo on her ankle of a miniature script “L” for her father, Lionel Richie. Sofia documented the tattoo process on her Snapchat account, and JonBoy shared a close-up black and white snap of the fresh ink on his Instagram account.

It was on January 4 that Sofia Richie headed to JonBoy’s studio to touch up some of her existing tattoos, including the miniature “clarity” tattoo on the side of her neck and the sweet “MBR” ink on her thumb for her brother, Miles Brockman Richie. She had both of these pieces done during her last trip to JonBoy’s New York City shop in November, with Gigi Hadid’s brother Anwar in tow.

Sofia just turned 18 years old in August, but she is already well on her way to becoming “heavily tattooed” as far as the modelling world sees it. In addition to “clarity” on her neck, “MBR” on her finger and the new “L” tattoo on her ankle, she also has a tiny script “Richie” tattoo behind her ear, a small cross on her middle finger, and “13:4,” a reference to the well-known Bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4, or “Love is patient, love is kind,” on the back of her neck.


Fortunately for her, Sofia Richie has left her tattoo designs in the hands of JonBoy, who is famous for his delicate, minimalistic ink. So, even though the 18-year-old already has a handful of tattoos to her name, their size and thin-line design makes them nearly invisible. This latest tattoo for example, a cursive letter “L” for her father, is inked on the outside of Sofia’s right ankle, in a spot where almost no one will ever see it.


Sophia Snapchatted the final result of her tattoo session with JonBoy, drawing in the letters “ionel” next to the script “L,” leaving no doubt that the model got the ink as a tribute to her father. Now that Sofia has tattoos dedicated to her brother and father, it’s only a matter of time before she gets permanent ink dedicated to her famous sister, Nicole Richie, and mother, Diana Alexander Richie, right?? We can’t wait!


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