Amber Heard Designs a New Snake Skeleton Hand Tattoo for Cara Delevingne

Amber Heard Designs a New Snake Skeleton Hand Tattoo for Cara Delevingne
By | On November 9, 2016

**Update: During a Rimmel event in London in November 2016, Cara revealed the meaning behind her snake skeleton tattoo, saying “At the end of it it says feral because I think I am, and it’s about reinvention, shedding of old skin, new beginnings, new life.” 

Cara Delevingne is known for many things: her face-framing eyebrows, her goofy personality, and her fierce runway presence, just to name a few, but the model’s growing collection of tattoos is quickly making its way to the top of the list of Cara’s defining characteristics. Just this past weekend, for example, Cara Delevingne and Johnny Depp’s ex, Amber Heard, headed to hot tattoo spot Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood, where Amber designed a new tattoo for Cara, and Dr. Woo did the honors, turning the sketch into a permanent piece on the model’s hand.

This latest tattoo of Cara Delevingne’s is a serpentine skeleton design that winds its way around the outside of the model’s left hand, with the head of the snake-like image reaching halfway up her middle finger. The finished product, done with the delicacy and intricacy that Dr. Woo is famous for, ends up looking a bit like a piece of statement jewelry, much like the infamous lion tattoo Cara had inked on her index finger by Bang Bang back in 2013. If nothing else, Cara Delevingne has a knack for choosing unique tattoo designs, and this latest piece is pretty darn cool, if you ask us.


Cara Delevingne is also known for getting tattoos that remind her of the people she loves – she currently rocks a “Pandora” tattoo on her bicep for her mother, an “AC” initials tattoo on her finger for her ex, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, and she even let her Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie tattoo emoji smiley faces on her feet – but to let Amber Heard design her latest tattoo? Fans, of course, believe this means Cara and Amber are officially an item. It’s true the girls have been spending quite a bit of time together lately, grabbing coffee and hitting up flea market spots, but as far as a romantic relationship goes, we have yet to see solid evidence.


As for the meaning of Cara Delevingne’s tattoo, the model has yet to reveal the significance behind the diamond-back snake design; she only subtly debuted the tattoo on her Instagram account on November 8, reminding fans that she would be going live on Facebook with Rimmel London the following day. In the Instagram pic, Cara’s new snake skeleton tattoo is visible on her left hand, but she didn’t actually address the fresh ink in her comments. According to GQ though, 2016 is the year of the serpent in the fashion world, so it appears that, once again, Cara is ahead of the game.

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