Drake Honors Sade Again With Another Portrait Tat

Drake Honors Sade Again With Another Portrait Tat
By | On June 14, 2017

Drake is at it again with another massive tattoo tribute to British singer-songwriter Sade, an R&B legend the rapper obviously idolizes, if his recent ink is any indication. Drake first immortalized Sade in a portrait tattoo inked on his ribcage back in March, and now he’s got another image of the singer emblazoned on his left side, along with an image of the ocean and a palm tree. Drake is famous for getting the faces of the women he loves inked on his body, and he currently sports images of Aaliyah, his mother, his grandmother and Rihanna in tattoo form, in addition to his two tattoo tributes to Sade. He also plans on getting a portrait tattoo of Céline Dion, but that’s a story for another time.

After a bit of a tattoo dry spell, during which Drake went quite a while without getting inked, the rapper has more than made up for his lack of ink, getting at least four tattoos done over the course of just a few months, including a tattoo of a pink flower and bee on his shoulder, an image of a Drakkar Noir cologne bottle on his other shoulder, and the first portrait tattoo of Sade. Drake’s latest tattoo is located on his left side, just above the original Sade tattoo tribute, and features an incredibly detailed and beautiful image of the 58-year-old, looking regal as ever, with her hair pulled back, wearing big hoop earrings and looking off into the distance. For whatever reason, a palm tree and a seascape fill out of the background of the matching Sade tats.

Drake’s fresh Sade ink was shared on Instagram on June 12, by Toronto-based tattoo artist Inal Bersekov, who captioned the photo, “More life More tattoos,” a reference to Drake’s latest album, More Life, which served as the inspiration for the flower tattoo on the rapper’s shoulder. The tattoo artist also wrote, “Was honored to continue this piece based on @sade started by an amazing artist @niki23gtr on @champagnepapi Excited to continue.” Drake’s first tattoo tribute to Sade was inked by Niki Norberg, and, judging by Inal Bersekov’s post, the piece is still a work in progress. Does this mean there will be more Sade tattoos in Drake’s future? We sure hope so!

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