Miley Cyrus’ Little Tooth Tattoo on Her Elbow

Miley Cyrus’ Little Tooth Tattoo on Her Elbow
By | On May 4, 2015

Remember when Miley Cyrus was obsessed with her tongue – sticking it out all the time and even going so far as to get a tattoo of a tongue inked on her finger (which she later covered up with an outline of a triangle tat)? Well, the pop star has apparently moved on to teeth, and is now rocking a small tattoo of a tooth on her arm. That’s right, Miley got a little tooth tattoo inked on her arm, and believe it or not, the tat is actually a tribute to her friendship with Flaming Lips frontman and BFF Wayne Coyne, with whom she shares quite a few matching tattoos.

Miley Cyrus’ seemingly random tooth tattoo is inked on the inside of her right arm/elbow area, close to her Roman numeral and anatomical heart tattoos on her forearm, and features a small outline of a tooth inked in black. Unlike most of her other ink, Miley didn’t give her Instagram followers an exclusive look at the tooth tat when it was first inked, but we’re guessing it must have been done back in April, because the tattoo showed up in pictures of the singer speaking at Joan Jett’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction on April 18, and even earlier in a photo of Miley petting a horse on April 11.

miley-cyrus-arm-tattooBelieve it or not, Miley Cyrus isn’t the only one sporting a tooth tattoo. The singer posted a pretty weird Instagram picture on April 13, and in it you can see a pair of male feet with an “MC” smiley face tattoo and a tooth tat similar to Miley’s, but with the letter “K” inked in the center of it. The 22-year-old tagged Wayne Coyne in the caption of the photo, and we’re going to take a wild guess and say the “K” in Wayne’s foot tattoo is probably a tribute to his girlfriend Katy Weaver, who has joined in on Miley and Wayne’s infamous tattoo antics numerous times in the past.

A tooth may seem like an odd choice for a friendship tattoo with your besties, but this is Miley Cyrus we’re talking about here. wayne coyne foot tattoosWhen the girl had her wisdom teeth pulled back in March, she added one of the teeth to a colorful beaded Dirty Hippie necklace and gave it as a gift to – who else? – Wayne Coyne. Miley also recently launched her own line of fake hillbilly teeth, so a new tooth tattoo on her arm should really come as no surprise, right? What do you all think of Miley Cyrus’ new tooth tattoo??

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