Rita Ora’s White Tattoo of Her BFF’s Birthday

Rita Ora’s White Tattoo of Her BFF’s Birthday
By | On March 6, 2013

What better way to show your love for a best friend than to get his or her name or birthday inked on your body? Rita Ora must have been thinking exactly that when she went under the needle yet again, sometime before January 2013, this time emerging with a tattoo of her BFF’s birthday inked on her arm in white ink…yes, white ink! Cool, right?? Rita Ora’s tattoo inked in white is located on the inside of her right bicep, and features her best friend’s birthday in a foreign language, which is believed to be Hebrew. Rita definitely has a thing for foreign language tattoos, and she has two other tats devoted to loved ones – her older sister Elena and her younger brother Don – both of which are inked in Hindi.

Rita & Rihanna’s BFF Tattoos

Rita Ora isn’t the only female celebrity to honor her best friend with a birth date tattoo. Rihanna has her BFF’s birthday inked in Roman numerals on her shoulder, and although it’s well known that Rihanna’s best friend is her manager Melissa Forde, we’re not exactly sure who Rita Ora’s tattoo is a tribute too. Lately, Rita has been tied to British fashion model Cara Delevingne, and the two hit up celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy in September 2013 to get inked together. So it is possible that Rita’s birth date tattoo was inked in honor of her “wifey” Cara, who was born on August 22, 1992. British singer Ellie Goulding was also recently quoted saying, “I love Rita to pieces, she’s one of my best friends in the world,” so perhaps the pop star’s arm tattoo is a tribute to Ellie instead, who was born on December 30, 1986.

White Tats are More Personal, Intimate

Not only do RiRi and Rita both have their best friends birthdays inked on their bodies, but Rita’s BFF tat on her arm is inked in white, just like Rihanna’s “Thug Life” tattoo inked across her knuckles, which we thought was pretty original…until now. We hate to keep comparing Rita Ora’s tats to Rihanna’s tattoos, but these gals have so many similar pieces inked on their bodies it’s starting to get weird! No matter how original it is though, getting a white ink tattoo – especially one in a foreign language like Hebrew or Hindi – is kind of cool because it isn’t very visible or as easily deciphered as a regular black or colored tat, which makes it seem more personal and intimate….for your eyes only, so to speak. Perfect for a best friends tattoo, don’t you think??

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