Zayn Malik’s Arm Tattoo of Girlfriend Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik’s Arm Tattoo of Girlfriend Perrie Edwards
By | On June 27, 2013

It wasn’t long after news broke of One Direction guys Liam, Zayn and Louis heading out of a Glen Burnie, MD tattoo parlor that we got the shocking news of Zayn’s new ink, a huge cartoon-ish tattoo of his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards.  Apparently the guys were just passing through the small Maryland town when they got the urge for ink.  They headed to nearby Tattooed Heart Studios, showed the tattoo artists their designs, and fired up the guns. Not for Liam though, he just took a stroll around the neighborhood while his boys got the new ink. Louis apparently opted for several tattoos, including an infinity rope on his wrist and a few doodles on his forearm of a spiderweb and a bomb.  Small, cool tattoos, no big deal. Zayn, on the other hand, decided to take things up a level or two and get a HUGE tattoo on the bicep portion of his arm, of his girlfriend Perrie Edwards.  That’s right, he done did it now.

Zayn and Perrie Edwards Relationship Must be Solid!

Ohhh the age-old mistakes of young love, how they seem like such a good idea at the time. We’re not sure what Zayn was thinking when he decided on this latest tat.  I mean come on, getting permanent ink of a GF is some risky business.  He and Perrie’s relationship must be like the Rock of Gibraltar for him to get such a big tattoo of her in such an open spot.  Apparently, he showed the artist a little sketch that he did, not big at all. Things must have gotten out of hand, because the tattoo wound up covering most of the outside upper-part of his right arm.  He obviously has little doubts about their future together, or maybe really high hopes!

Zayn's Perrie Edwards Tattoo Sketch

Already Working on a Full Sleeve

Zayn finished up his half-sleeve right around January 2013 and, with the looks of this new tattoo and his Pink Floyd prism tattoo, he is planning to go ahead with a full sleeve on his right arm. With the placement of Zayn Maliks’ tattoos on his arm, it is a good bet to say he is going to keep adding to them to make a full sleeve. Similar to Justin Bieber’s arm tattoos and Chris Brown’s sleeves, Zayn’s arm tats are matching a pattern of seemingly random-placed tattoos that eventually all come together into a full sleeve.  It kinda looks like Louis might be doing the same with his random, doodle-looking arm tattoos.  At least we know that there will be plenty of tattoos for these guys in the near future. We can’t wait to see how everyone’s sleeve tats turn out!!


4 Responses to: Zayn Malik’s Arm Tattoo of Girlfriend Perrie Edwards

  1. gravatar em. Reply
    October 23rd, 2015

    hey just to say it, Zain’s tattoo isn’t Perrie’s protrait. it’s actually just a comic girl he draw (we know his love for comics), and somehow they acted like it was Perrie. see he won’t even take it off his skin.

    • gravatar Hrishita Reply
      November 28th, 2017

      Oh c’mon Zayn himself admitted it was perrie and so did she.

  2. gravatar Jen Reply
    December 25th, 2015

    I think Zayns tattoos are amazing. Like my tattoos. I got a lot of too. But Zayn tattoos are amazing. Need I say any more.

  3. gravatar NoHomo Reply
    August 17th, 2016

    That’s not a perrie Edwards tattoo . It’s a stylization of a femme Liam Payne. But Liam and zayn are both closeted so Zayn and his management (modest) decided to call it a perrie tattoo to kill off ziam rumours and protect the billion dollar business of one direction .

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