Harry Styles Adds a (Fake) “FONT” to His Newly Inked Anchor Wrist Tattoo

Harry Styles Adds a (Fake) “FONT” to His Newly Inked Anchor Wrist Tattoo
By | On January 27, 2014

*Update: Turns out, Harry Styles fooled us with his “FONT” tattoo! Judging by a picture of Harry taken during the band’s Where We Are tour in April 2014, sans “FONT” wrist tat, the ink was a fake!

Just when we thought that Harry Styles was finally getting over his obsession with random, cryptic tattoos, a photo cropped up online this week, and in it Harry is sporting a brand-new tattoo of the word “FONT” on his wrist. Yes…that’s right, we said “FONT.” The picture was snapped while Harry was enjoying himself at a friend’s party over the weekend, and you can clearly see the new tattoo just below the partially rolled-up sleeve of Harry’s plaid shirt. Harry Styles’ tattoo of the word “FONT” is inked in black capital letters on the outside of his left wrist, and the pop star cleverly worked it into the anchor tat he revealed just a couple of weeks ago, using the circle at the top of the anchor as the “O” in “FONT.” Now he just has to figure out how to cover up that horrid padlock tat he has on his wrist.

Harry Styles is known for his extensive collection of random, scribbly tattoos, and the pop star surprised quite a few people when he decided to cover up his infamous “I can’t change” tattoo with a cool black and white anchor tat a couple of weeks ago. A few days later, the singer played tattoo cover-up again when he had a bold image of the Holy Bible inked over top of his “Things i can’t” tattoo on the inside of his left forearm, and we all got pretty excited. We asked ourselves, “Is Harry Styles finally turning things around and being more choosy about his tattoo choices??” All signs pointed to YES…until Harry debuted the new “Silver Spoon” tattoo on his arm. Now, with his new “FONT” wrist tat, we’re convinced that Mr. Styles is reverting back to his old tattoo ways.

Okay, so besides conveniently working off the circle in his anchor tat, why on Earth did Harry Styles choose the word “FONT” for his new tattoo? Well, there are a couple of different meanings of the word “font,” besides the obvious (you know – Times New Roman, Comic Sans), and we harry-styles-font-tattoo-smallthink a couple of them are pretty good guesses for the meaning of Harry Styles’ tattoo. For example, a font can be the receptacle used to hold holy water in a baptistery or church, which would play into the same meaning as Harry’s Holy Bible tattoo. Maybe Harry takes his religion so seriously that he sees himself as a “receptacle” of sorts for Christianity and its teachings. A font can also be a valuable resource, and this too, could apply to the pop star, who has traveled the world many times over performing with his uber-successful band. What do you all think?

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