Justin Bieber’s 23rd Tattoo: a Ferocious Eagle on His Left Arm / Shoulder!

Justin Bieber’s 23rd Tattoo: a Ferocious Eagle on His Left Arm / Shoulder!
By | On November 30, 2013

Shortly after finishing a performance in Sydney, Australia on November 30, 2013, Justin Bieber revealed a brand-new addition to his tattoo collection – a ferocious eagle tat on his shoulder! It’s been a solid three months since the Biebs has gone under the needle, with tattoo number 22 being a Bible verse tattoo on the back of his shoulder, so it’s about time the 19-year-old opted for some new ink! Read on to learn more about Justin Bieber’s eagle tattoo.

Justin Bieber is currently on the Australian leg of his Believe world tour, and the pop star just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate his success Sydney-style. Just after performing at his sold-out concert, the Biebs posted a shirtless picture of himself in the car, along with the caption, “Just got off stage bout to get tatted.” The singer was apparently already on route to the tattoo shop, because Justin quickly followed up that message with a Instagram pic that showed him in the process of getting inked. It wasn’t immediately obvious what the Justin Bieber tattoo looked like, but we now know that tattoo #23 for the Biebs is a ferocious eagle.


Justin’s new tattoo is a black and white image of an eagle in flight, inked on the upper part of his left arm, reaching onto his shoulder. The eagle in the singer’s shoulder tattoo is pretty fierce-looking, with its talons out and ready to go in for the kill, and the bird is surrounded by some cloud-shaped shading that fills in his full-sleeve tattoo nicely. The eagle joins a number of other tattoos inked on the upper part of Justin’s left arm, including a tat of tiger’s head, a large angel’s wing, and a rose tattoo that served as a sort of filler for the sleeve.justin-bieber-eagle-tat

When Justin Bieber got the crown tattoo on his chest in August 2012, we guessed that he was crowning himself the prince of pop. Then in April 2013, when he added the fierce tiger tattoo to his arm, our take on the ink was that Justin saw himself as the king of the jungle. Now that he’s got this ferocious eagle tattoo on his arm, we’re pretty confident that many of Justin Bieber’s tattoos are meant to be symbols of power and success. What do you think of Justin’s eagle tattoo?

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