Justin Bieber’s Knight Tattoo on His Arm

Justin Bieber’s Knight Tattoo on His Arm
By | On May 31, 2013

Justin Bieber has revealed yet another tattoo addition to his impressive collection on 5/30/2013, shortly after debuting THREE new tattoos within just one week last month. The new addition to Justin Bieber’s tattoos is a large knight the singer recently had inked on the inside of his left forearm. There is no doubt that Bieber is going for a full sleeve tattoo, and the knight tattoo joins the rest of the tats the pop star already has on his left arm, including the tiger, koi fish, owl, “X” and “Believe” tattoos he sports on his forearm, and the (possibly Selena Gomez) angel tattoo he has on his left wrist. Unlike many of Justin Bieber’s other arm tattoos, which are sort of simple and plain, the knight tat on the singer’s arm is extremely detailed and was obviously inked by a talented tattoo artist.

Possible Meanings of the New Knight Tattoo

There is no word from Justin Bieber yet concerning the meaning of or motivation for his new knight tattoo, but we have a feeling we know what the Biebs may be hinting at with the arm ink. Last September, Justin Bieber debuted a small crown tattoo on his chest that pegged him as the prince of pop. Could the next step for the Biebs be knighthood? The young pop star was just recently in London, making headlines for having a lousy birthday party, showing up late to a concert, collapsing during a show, and being hospitalized afterwards. Maybe his time in the UK really made an impression!


It also appears that the sword in Justin Bieber’s knight tattoo might be encased in stone, so perhaps there is a King Arthur / Excalibur reference there?? In the story of King Arthur and Excalibur, Arthur obtained his rightful place on the throne by pulling the sword from a stone. This act could not be performed by anyone else except by “the true king,” meaning the divinely-appointed king or true heir to the throne. Could the Biebs be yet again proclaiming that he is the one true king of pop?

Bieber Proving He Can Be Selena’s Knight in Shining Armor

Justin Bieber debuted his new knight tattoo on May 30 in New York City, after attending the screening of the new film After Earth. The singer sported a black tank top that clearly displayed the new ink, but the Biebs didn’t seem too keen on showing off his knight tat to the fans and paparazzi that swarmed him after the show. In most cases, Justin Bieber is all too happy to do a dramatic reveal of his new tattoos on Instagram or Twitter, so perhaps the meaning of this arm tattoo is a little more personal than the rest. Considering Bieber recently got a new tattoo on his wrist that looks an awful lot like Selena Gomez in angel form, it’s not hard to imagine that the pop star may be sending a message to the songstress that he truly can be her knight in shining armor. Justin Bieber has said in the past that he is working hard to be a “gentleman,” so perhaps the new knight tattoo is a symbol of his chivalry, honor and loyalty. There is bound to be more info about Bieber’s knight tattoo soon, so stay tuned for the full scoop!

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  1. gravatar Mariah Reply
    May 31st, 2013

    It could also mean he thinks he’s chivalrous like a Knight. He’s often said he’s a gentlemen.

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