Miley Cyrus Fans Show Sum Luv with Love.Money.Party. Emoji Tattoos

Miley Cyrus Fans Show Sum Luv with Love.Money.Party. Emoji Tattoos
By | On January 28, 2015

Miley Cyrus started an interesting new trend when she got her “sad kitty” emoji inner-lip tattoo last year, and now three dedicated Miley fans have followed suit with some unique emoji tattoo tributes to the pop star. Miley Cyrus posted an Instagram photo on January 28, of three people sporting matching emoji tattoos of a heart, dollar sign and confetti, along with the caption: “F*****ckkkkk yaaaasssss! Summm suppppa fweakz got some bad a$$ tattoos!!!!” In case you can’t decipher Miley’s social-media-speak, three die-hard Miley Cyrus fans got matching emoji ink!

The Miley Cyrus tattoos in the photo all feature a heart, a dollar sign and a confetti symbol inked in a row horizontally, and while the ink seems totally random at first glance, the tattoo is actually meant as a reference to Miley’s Love.Money.Party track off her Bangerz album. Emoji tattoos are kind of weird as a whole, but this one is at least clever, right? We have to admit though, we are kind of surprised Miley didn’t think of getting this emoji tattoo first, and then drag with her to the tattoo shop either Wayne Coyne, Flaming Lips frontman and tattoo addict, or Cheyne Thomas, Miley’s assistant, best friend and fellow tattoo lover.

Not only have Wayne Coyne and Cheyne Thomas each accompanied Miley Cyrus to the tattoo shop on numerous occasions, but they have each also gotten matching tats with the pop star, and Miley and Cheyne even picked up a tattoo gun and inked matching smiley face tattoos on each other over the summer. Back in July, Miley and Wayne Coyne got matching side tattoos as a tribute to Miley’s late dog Floyd, and just a few months ago, Miley went under the needle yet again for a new robot tattoo designed after Flaming Lips’ 2002 album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

Emoji tattoos have become sort of a thing recently, and it was nearly a year ago that Miley Cyrus revealed the odd yellow “sad kitty” emoji tattoo on the inside of her lip. Six months later in September, fellow singer Drake followed suit with a praying hands emoji tattoo on the inside of his forearm, and there’s actually a dude out there who has the “100” emoji tattooed on his throat. Now, that these Miley Cyrus fans have upped the ante with awesome Love.Money.Party emoji tattoos, we can’t wait to see if Miley will get her own!

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