Justin Bieber Shows Off Simple Music Treble Clef Tattoo Behind His Ear

Justin Bieber Shows Off Simple Music Treble Clef Tattoo Behind His Ear
By | On January 14, 2014

Justin Bieber’s New Year’s resolution for 2014 must have been to cover himself in tattoos, because, in the three days from January 11th to the 14th, the inked-up pop star revealed a whopping four new tattoos, including a small treble clef tat behind his ear, which is most likely a tribute to his first love: Music. Similar to the simple behind-the-ear Pisces sign tattoo Rihanna had inked back in 2006, Justin Bieber’s tattoo features a simple and sort of elegant image of a treble clef inked in black behind his left ear, just below his hairline. Although behind-the-ear tattoos are typically thought of as a feminine thing, we have to say, the Biebs kind of pulls it off!

A photo of Justin’s music note tattoo was posted online on January 13th by the 19-year-old’s friend Milk Tyson, who wrote on Instagram: “2 new tattoos tonight, trying to catch up, I’m getting one now to keep ahead lol #FAM.” Apparently, Justin had his treble clef tattoo done during the same session as the large compass tat he had inked on the outside of his left bicep, which had us thinking the pop star may be looking for some direction in his life. Now our only question is, who the heck is responsible for all this new ink? Our guess is tattoo artist to the stars Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who has put his mark on a number of inked-up celebrities over the years, including Rihanna, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber himself.


Music has always been an important part of Justin’s life, ever since he became a YouTube sensation in 2008, and it probably always will, even though the 19-year-old announced his surprising plans to retire on Christmas Eve 2013. It was all the way back in July 2012 that the Biebs debuted the tiny Japanese Kanji symbol on his right arm that stands for music, and now he has paid tribute to music yet again, with a treble clef tattoo behind his ear.

There’s no question that Justin Bieber is a fan of tattoos, but the pop star raised eyebrows on January 11, when he debuted a sneaky little tattoo of a court jester on his arm, just as reports surfaced that the singer may have been caught red-handed while egging his neighbor’s house. The following day, the Biebs revealed a second tat – the large compass tattoo incorporated into his full sleeve – followed by a third – Gothic letters spelling out LOVE on his right arm – which spurred rumors that JB and Selena Gomez may finally be getting back together after a year-long breakup. Now that Justin Bieber has showed off his fourth tattoo in three days, one thing is certain…there’s no end in sight for Justin’s tattoo collection!

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