A “Top 5” Look at Justin Bieber’s Best & Worst Tattoos

A “Top 5” Look at Justin Bieber’s Best & Worst Tattoos
By | On February 15, 2014

Four years ago, Justin Bieber went under the needle for the first time and had an innocent little seagull tattoo inked on his hip, following in the footsteps of many of his male family members, who are apparently very inspired by the fable “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” Twenty-eight tattoos later and Justin is now one of the most inked-up young pop stars out there, behind only Harry Styles, Chris Brown, Zayn Malik…and probably some other people too, but you get the picture. In 2013 alone, Justin Bieber racked up a whopping 14 tattoos, and the pop star has gotten inked five times this year already, with more ink undoubtedly on the way. Our point is, Justin Bieber has caught tattoo fever and he doesn’t seem too interested in finding a cure anytime soon. So, in celebration of his upcoming 20th birthday, we have compiled for you all the top five best and worst tattoos of Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber’s Top 5 Worst Tattoos to Date

Justin Bieber's Selena Gomez Angel Tattoo5. Guardian angel tat of Selena Gomez – Getting a tattoo of a boyfriend or girlfriend is risky as it is, but getting one of the girl you recently broke up with is flat out crazy! Justin has a really weird guardian angel tattoo inked on his wrist that was almost definitely designed after one of Selena Gomez’s photo shoots – cleavage and all – even though the couple had called already called it quits at the time it was inked.

Justin-Bieber-Behind-Ear-Music-Note-Tattoo4. Treble clef tat behind his ear – This isn’t Justin’s worst tattoo, but come on. A treble clef tattoo isn’t exactly original (both Rihanna and Lady Gaga have covered up their old treble clef tattoos) and to have it inked behind the ear is sort of, well…girly, don’t you think??

Justin Bieber Cross Tattoo3. Bleeding globe on a cross tattoo – What are you trying to say here Justin…is the Earth wearing a crown of thorns and being sacrificed on the cross because of the sins of man? Or were you just really drunk when you sat in the tattoo chair. Whatever the meaning, the tattoo is ugly and we are not a fan.

justin-bieber-indian-head-tattoo.jpg2. Indian chief hockey logo tattoo – It’s common knowledge that Justin Bieber has loads of money at his disposal, so why did he choose such a terrible tattoo artist to ink this sentimental tattoo? Justin’s Indian chief tat on his shoulder was inspired by his grandfather, whose favorite hockey team was the Stratford Cullitons, but the image is really poorly done and is the perfect candidate for a tattoo cover-up.

justin_bieber_jesus_tat.jpg1. Portrait tattoo of Jesus on his leg – Justin Bieber’s worst tattoo (so far) is inked on the back of his left calf and features an embarrassingly horrible portrait of Jesus. The tat was inspired by a famous image of Jesus suffering under the crown of thorns, but Justin’s leg tattoo instead looks like Jesus is soooo over it. Either that or he’s trying to look up Justin’s shorts. Regardless, the tattoo is terribly done and its unfortunate location earns it the number one spot on our list of worst Justin Bieber tattoos.

Justin’s Top 5 Best Tattoos to Date

justin-bieber-compass-tattoo5. Compass tattoo on bicep – We can’t help but think that Justin Bieber needs a little direction in his life, which he will hopefully get from this cool detailed compass tat. Justin’s compass tattoo is inked on the outside of his left bicep and just goes to show you that the troubled young singer may have a deeper, more mature side after all.

justin-bieber-wing-tattoo4. Angle wing arm tattoo – This angel wing tattoo holds a special place in our heart because it seems like it’s pretty meaningful for Justin. Rumor has it that Justin Bieber’s angel wing tat was inked as a tribute to a little girl he affectionately called “Mrs. Bieber,” who passed away from brain cancer in 2012. Its discreet location keeps it out of the public eye and makes it just slightly more mysterious.

justin bieber greek christ tattoo3. Greek “X” Christ tattoo – Justin has enough in-your-face religious tattoos (check out number one on the “worst tattoo” list), so we appreciate the subtlety of this simple tattoo of the Greek letter “X,” which was used in ancient Christian art as shorthand for “Jesus.”

justin-bieber-eagle-tat2. Shoulder tattoo of flying eagle – Justin Bieber’s eagle tattoo on his upper arm/shoulder is well done artistically, and the fierce creature in the ink has his talons out and looks like he’s ready for a fight. We can appreciate the sentiment behind the tattoo, especially in light of the recent trouble Justin has found himself in. Also, eagles are WAY cooler than seagulls.

Justin Bieber Eye Tattoo1. Eyeball tattoo on inner arm – Okay, so this is one of the creepiest tattoos we’ve seen, but we can’t deny the incredible detail work that went into this ink (thanks to Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy), so we kind of love it at the same time. Justin’s eyeball tattoo was designed as a tribute to his mother, which earns it the number one spot on our list of best Bieber tats, but it could also be interpreted as the all-seeing eye of God.


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